EPOS Webmail Issues



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    Pavel Ondřej

    Non-functional webmail for phones or tablets has also been addressed with support. Many of our clients are still complaining. The response is that further support for the mobile/tablet interface is no longer supported and will be replaced by adding IMAP functionality to the ICW Mobile Client.

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    Lukas Frei

    ok, but then it should be removed...  i also would prefer the clients (some multiple thousands of them) to set up the accounts as regular imap on their mobile devices, but some just seem to be so fixated on using the webmail...

    but in general, release 14 seems to have introduced so many issues that it is really annoying of having to answer all the calls from our customers with their troubles...

    some new stuff that came up:

    - smartattach just sends 0-byte smartattach.txt files instead of links in the forwarded emails
    - on the api, the DKIM private key can not be set.  not error when setting - but it is not saved and does not appear in the icewarp admin tool
    - some clients 'think' that they now have issues with calendar invitations not being properly formatted for international timezones and thus invitations sent to clients being offset by one or two hours.
    - webmail does not work on safari on a bit older macs (just getting the 'loading desktop' after login, but then nothing more.

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