Every email I send is double spaced



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    Michael Serences

    Hello Derek,

    Just a quick follow up. Have our Support engineers solved your issue?


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    Chad Marlow or Unknown

    I have the same problem.  It happened after I upgraded to  I believe it has something to do with the new webclient editor.  I don't have this issue when using other mail clients (like Outlook or mobile apps) to send or reply to emails.  I have submitted a support request, so I hope they are working on it.

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    Chad Marlow or Unknown

    Just as an update, I haven't heard anything from support about this and even the latest patch doesn't address the issue despite several vague comments about fixes and updates to the new WebClient editor.


    Sadly, I really dislike how the new WebClient editor totally mangles the formatting when replying to e-mails.  The prior WebClient editor did not do that. 

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