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    Chad Marlow
    • I normally find the release notes on the download page...under "Maintenance & Patch", click "See Details".
    • I wish they would e-mail us, post on a forum, or some other form of getting notified, but they don't seem to.  I don't really know why.
    • I agree that they should include the minor revision number in the is ambiguous after download.
    • To me, the weakest point of IceWarp is the total lack of forum support.  I think if IceWarp would participate more in the forum or "help center", that it would grow into a very useful resource for their users.  I came from Kerio (after they were bought by GFI) and I really miss the very strong community engagement that product had.  I think it would be in IceWarp's favor to grow the forum/help center and get their customers helping each other.
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