Icewarp API



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    Michael Serences

    Hello Denny,

    Thanks for your post. May I ask what do you want to achieve by this command?

    Do you only need to convert messages or is there anything else?

    Kind regards,


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    Denny Lester

    We've been using Icewarp for well over a decade now and have thousands of archived mailboxes. The archives are a mix of POP3 and IMAP format and the particular project we are working on needs all of these mailboxes as IMAP. We were able to set the mailbox type on the user account to IMAP using the Tools.exe, but it didn't actually convert the mailbox. 

    We may have found an alternate way of completing our project, so this might not be an issue, but I'm still curious about this function.



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    Michael Serences

    I see. Would you mind creating a service ticket via so that our engineers can get in touch with you and try to find a working solution?


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