IceWarp webclient is disabled



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    Peter Olsen

    I assume this is a known issue. I have experienced this too since

    The solution seems to head into "System > Services".
    Right click on "WebClient" and select "Restart Module "Control".
    That seems to do the trick.

    Simply stopping and starting the service, does not seem to have any affect.

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    Prima Partner Infotek, PT.


    Webclient usually stop cause blocked by firewall, license issue, and service is not fully up, also sometimes cause you're storage is full, best action is call your local partner where you purchases icewarp. They will more have clue about your deployment.

    Cause we will inspect your server logs, service status, database connection, etc.


    For better assist please call your local partner or directly submit ticket on ( if you don't have local partner ) :

    You will get more assist about your case.




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    Andrew Lewis

    I think there are some issues related to firewall or may be a license issue but you should consult from the buyers where you got icewarp they guide well about deployment.

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