Icewarp Mailserver Reject all Mail addresses


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    Prima Partner Infotek, PT.


    I assume you're already being icewarp cust. 

    Better contact them directly on :

    You will get private answer.


    But maybe just in case you're in urgent.

    1. Just test send email to your self, if it's okay, then we will go to point 2. if it give you error message, then you have issue with your smtp service

    2. If you only can't send to gmail, please notice that gmail need you to set :

    MX, PTR, SPF, DKIM, Dmarc as records that their use as spam check, please refer to your domain controller provider to set all this records, for DKIM you can check it on icewarp youtube to see how to set DKIM from web admin.

    3. Last, please make sure you're not block gmail IP on your IPS, gmail domain on your antispam -> blacklist & whitelist,





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